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Photo for crab lice roll

We hope that it will be difficult to peel and eat expensive crabs without peeling.

KANI KING is a fast food restaurant that fulfills such wishes.


・It was broadcasted at the corner of the program in HTB broadcasting station,Imakore in Ichimoni

・It was broadcast live on the radio broadcast Air-G "Sparkle Sparker".



Photo for crab lice roll

crab lice roll  880 yen

The combination of rice cooked with crab stock and plenty of crab meat is excellent. 
It is delicious to eat at home as well as to eat at home as it is.


Photo for crab dock

crab dock  500 yen

The raw material of bread uses the Hokkaido-made wheat "Yumechikara 100%".
The combination of original smoked sauce and crab is the best.


Photo for crab fresh spring roll

Crab fresh spring roll  500 yen

Recommended for those who want to eat lighter than bread. 
The combination of original smoked sauce and crab is delicious.


Photo for crab wharf

Crab wharf  500 yen

It is our original steamed bun with plenty of crab meat.


Photo for crab chowder

Crab chowder  400 yen

A chowder with plenty of crab stock and body.


Photo for soft serve

Soft serve  400 yen

Three kinds of milk, matcha, and condensed milk strawberry. 
Above all milk soft is our original gem using raw milk from Biei ranch.


Photo for soymilk latte

Soymilk latte  300 yen

I use soy milk with a clean taste. You can enjoy the taste of green tea and cherry blossoms.


Arrange menu

Photo for arrange menu

Simply cut and serve, colorful party menu


Photo for arrange menu

 Taste pickled tea with heartwarming soup and wasabi


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Store information · Map

Business hours 10:30 to 22:00(It will end as soon as it is sold out)

Regular holiday No

Street address Minami 3-jo Nishi 5-cyome,Chuo-ku,Sapporo City

                            (in "Tanukikouji" 5th Street Arcade)